Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (CAST)


Mario Maurer as P'Shone

* P'Shone is handsome, funny, cute, sweet and caring! But a tight-lipped guy! Or kung tawagin satin ay "TORPE."
He loves photography, her main model is P'Nam (actually its always a stolen shot). He's the most popular guy in their school, he's also football player.
*P'Nam is a dark-skinned girl, and an average student, mean girls called her as "Bug face". But everything change when she finds her inspiration (P'Shone). Her skin becomes fairer (thanks to her friends, i don't know what they scrub to her). To her determination to see her father she promise to herself that from rank30 she will be the rank1 for the next sem. And because of Shone, she joins Drama Club, becomes the Drum major and rank as the most popular in their school!
See, from Ugly duckling to a Swan! lol


Acharanat Ariyaritwikol (Top) Hot Thai Hunk

*Actually P'Top reminds me of someone that's really annoying! But he's cute, and pilingero in the movie.
Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn as P'Pin
*I like P'Pin because she's good to P'Nam, she's P'Shone's classmate.

mean girl!
I can't really remember her name. But of course, hindi naman nawawalan ng kotrabida sa buhay natin. Well, she plays pilingera in the movie!

Sudarat Budtporm as Teacher Inn
*Nam's teacher in English, also in Drama Club and Drum Major!

(left) Pijitra Siriwerapan as Teacher Orn (middle) Peerawat Herapath as Teacher Phol (right) Teacher Inn

*Miss Orn, is the most beautiful teacher in their school, that's why teacher Inn hates her. haha and because teacher Orn claim fast, she and her student (the mean girl) acts the same para magpapansin sa gusto nila. Grr! kairita. haha

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